Vision of the green industry



There are many reasons why SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall have a unique opportunity to pull off this kind of project. Regarding SSAB, this relates to their specialized and innovative steel production. For example, sustainability and performance are integrated in SSAB’s business model, and technological advances in production are part of the company’s DNA and history.

SSAB has also been actively involved in European projects aiming at reducing CO2- emissions for many years.

Today, approximately 90% of SSAB’s total emissions originate in the blast furnace process. The remaining 10% mainly originate in reheating furnaces, but also in internal transport.
According to SSAB’s sustainability strategy, the company will move stepwise towards a fossil-free steelmaking process through the HYBRIT initiative, but also eliminate other fossil fuel related emissions, making it possible to be fossil-free within the entire operation by 2045.

Together with LKAB and Vattenfall, SSAB is now taking HYBRIT into the next phase. The development of a CO2-emission free ironmaking process that can solve the root cause of CO2- emissions in the steel industry is closer than ever.