Vision of the green industry

Vattenfall in HYBRIT


Good access to fossil fuel-free electrical power is crucial for HYBRIT to succeed. Vattenfall’s electricity generation, like Sweden’s as a whole, has among the lowest CO2 emissions in the world.

Given the untapped resource potential, particularly in wind, but also in biomass, there are excellent opportunities to increase the supply of carbon-free electricity.

Vattenfall has extensive knowledge of the Swedish, Nordic and European energy systems and markets, and is well placed to investigate the impact of a CO2-free iron making process in Sweden.

Vattenfall wants to lead the transition to a sustainable energy system. Cooperating with Swedish industry in order to migrate from fossil fuels to carbon-free electricity is a key element of the transition in Sweden.

Sweden has the ambition to become fossil free – one of the biggest challenges is industry and this is how we can help to achieve this ambition.